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Elijah Solis

As a ceramicist, my works are almost exclusively sculptural. With no desire to make functional ware, I have chosen to focus on creating work that is rich in content and unlike anything my fellow ceramic artists would create. I never shy away from creating pieces others deem hideous, obnoxious or ridiculous. I have no regard for what is considered “normal” and often challenge that notion inadvertently. My art tends to be mistaken for vulgar and gratuitous, however it always possesses a deeper meaning than reading it at face-value would suggest.

While I do enjoy working with clay, my works often end up becoming mixed-media pieces. Because of the color limitations of traditional ceramic glazes, I prefer to finish pieces with acrylic or oil paint. This approach allows me to challenge what viewers believe ceramic art to be. Beyond process and content, I’m an artist that is unafraid of where my journey will take me. I am equally prepared for the praise, infamy or rejection that I will ultimately be met with.