Sly Cat Gallery
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Parker Seward

As an artist with a longtime study of graffiti and street art, I see this work as a natural progression. Often disregarded as a criminal element of the art world, graffiti stands as one of the most culturally honest methods of creating an intimate and personal identity. Used by those who possessed no other means of expression, graffiti is often created as a momentary means of dealing with one’s own reality. It provides a voice to people of all demographics who feel the need to be heard, to proclaim, “I am here.”

As an extension of both graffiti and traditional art forms, I create work that combines elements from both in a way that allows a unique abstraction of letterforms to transcend their typical existence and become what appears to be a three-dimensional object. The object is then able to interact with the space of its environment on the canvas. Although created on a two-dimensional surface, it is depicted in a way that not only gives it literal depth, but also life—claiming in its own way, “I am here.”