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Custom Framing

Sly Cat Gallery offers custom framing of anything from photos, to artwork, and objects. We frame on both a decorative and conservation level to best meet the needs of our customers. 

Custom Framing

Sly Cat Gallery offers a variety of custom framing options to meet your needs, whether it be framing fine artwork, documents, or photos. We provide a wide assortment of mats from decorative to rag in a range of colors and prices to meet your needs. Choose from mouldings in an array of colors, natural wood tones, modern, simple, classic, and ornate styles, and lastly glass from basic clear, non glare, to UV protection that will insure your favorite artworks, photos, and documents are protected for years to come.

About Custom Framing

Custom framing allows for the frame package to be catered to a specific work of art. The mat, the moulding, the glass, and even the backing board can be chosen to enhance the artwork and increase its life span. Humidity, water, insects, heat, and sunlight are the enemies of any artwork. They cause fading, in the case of sunlight, crinkling and mold growth, due to humidity and water exposure, and in the case of insects, damage as they eat the paper, wood, or glue. Proper framing can keep many of these potential problems at bay.

Custom framing differs from the ready-made frames that can be purchased at craft stores in the quality of the materials used and the individual attention given to each work. Ready-mades might be perfect for a photograph printed off on your home printer, cute prints in your kid's room, or for the band poster in your man cave; however, they are not meant to stand the tests of time and are not suitable for anything of great value, sentimental or otherwise. For original artwork and works of value consider custom framing.