Sly Cat Gallery
Art Gallery and Custom Framing


At Sly Cat Gallery we have a Little Free Library on the south side of the property. Here you can find books for all ages to enjoy! The rules are simple: the library belongs to everyone, take a book and return a book of your choice, that is it. Our library was built by the local Rotary Club and donated by the Cedar Hill Library, and was painted by a local artist. We also have a hand painted blue cat mural peeking out from the fence. 

Sly Cat Gallery features a Little Free Library where all members of the community are welcome to take a book and leave another of their choosing. On occasion we will be adding art themed books in order to promote the arts in our community. A mural of a blue cat peaks from the side of the house for observant passers by, hopefully the beginning of many more public art projects. Our garden is in a constant state of change, we are in the process of setting up a hydroponic system for growing flowers and vegetables.